Sunday recap
Too much

95 percent done

If you have been following my twitter, it's about Christmas right now. This is an interesting season of ministry for me because is THE EASIEST Christmas prep I have had in 15 years...just planning services. Even last year was harder because we didn't have a facility and I had a brand new 10 month old baby!  Trust me, I'm not complaining - it has been a blast to look at my musicians and singers and arrange songs that allow them to just shine. We are moving to 2 services in December as well as offering our first Christmas Eve Services on our campus.  I'm blessed with a fabulous band featuring an amazing guitar player who pulls out his classical at this time of year and blows us away. I have 2 string players and a flautist who just "bring it"  on everything I write for them. I'm all about the classics at Christmas with a little flair.  People love to hear the familiar at this time of year and so do I.  I'm about 95 percent done and very happy today.