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Sunday Recap

I'm a part of the Sunday Setlist Carnival!

We kicked off a new series yesterday called "Foundations" exploring key elements of our faith for the next 8 weeks.  We did a survey at our original campus of key doctrinal issues asking people what they understood about their faith. This series will answer a lot of their questions.  I did a 2 minute countdown video with music from Indiana Jones with some of the questions that we will be exploring and John did a great Message Bumper that took us on a journey to uncover the power of God's Word as our foundation.  We kicked off yesterday with understanding the importance of basing our lives on the truth of God's Word as the standard. I chose songs that focused on God's attributes and the power of His Word.  I picked all familiar this week so that people could really worship.  Here was our setlist...
"There's No One Like Our God" - Beeching
"Alleluia (More than Worthy) - Carr
"Forever"  -Tomlin
"Ancient Words"  - MWS version
" How Great is Our God" - Tomlin
I used cello, viola. and flute with keys or acoustic and drums.  It was nice sound and very worshipful.  It was just a wonderful day of worship in the midst of the torrential rain storm all morning!