Past meets future


IMG_8108IMG_8113IMG_8110IMG_8114IMG_8124IMG_8102 I  spent close to 36 hours with people I haven't seen in years and time was irrelevant.  We are all the same but have kids (as Kim said!) Most of the members of my era at LU on Sounds (1992-95) were in attendance. It was 3 days of stories, pictures of bad hair, music, lies, and more lies.  The band still feels inferior to the singers and the singers are still amazing singers (who still can't find "1", but I digress.) We have seen each other at our best and our worst...we know what we are good at and what we stink at...we would never have crossed paths except for this wonderful bond...we were on a team.   "Boss", as we call him, brought our lives together for a brief time and forever changed our musical landscape.   It was awesome to hear everyone share what God is doing in their lives and we all expressed how grateful we are for Liberty, Thomas Road, "Doc," and the friendships (and spouses!) that we gained during our time as a team. Sometimes having a history can be a really good thing.  Check out the video here...