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Divine Interruption

I heard this phrase from Dino Rizzo at the Multi-site Conference last week. He asked us as church leaders if we were willing to lead into Divine Interruption.  Are we willing to approach each day and ask for God to "interrupt us" with Divine appointments with people and situations.  I have to say this is a hard one for me.  As a wife, mother, daughter, sister of 2, church staff member - life is interruption.  I like order, somewhat of a schedule, and checking off a to-do list...you can see my conundrum. The funny thing is I am trying to be aware of this and it is happening.  I have had a few "interruptions" this week and I am seeing the Divine appointment in all of them.  The phone conversation I didn't have time to have, the waiting in line that led to another conversation, the e-mail I didn't really have time to respond to - all these things have shown me more about God's agenda and how silly mine actually is.

Are you willing to ask for Divine Interruptions?