It's My Pleasure


Photo 37

Todd asked me today to think about someone I respected as a leader...and then to think about how much of my respect for them was based soley on this person's attitude about life. I have to say it was a HUGE percentage.   Perry has been doing some great stuff on this lately. I spent a couple of hours with my mentor last week and he inspires me to have a positive attitude about everything. I think that is why I am so encouraged when I am around him.  Yeah, he kicks my tail a little (which I need) but he makes me want to embrace life with a "YES I CAN" attitude...to say,"Sure, whatever it takes - I can make it happen."  That is the kind of person I want to be.  I want to embrace my marriage, my kids, my ministry, my music, my relationships with that kind of "YES I CAN" attitude.

Do you want to be a "YES I CAN" person? What's holding you back?