Sunday Setlist

Muti-Site Exposed Conference - Day 1

Website_header6 Here were some great thoughts I paraphrased from Mark Batterson, Dino Rizzo, Greg Surratt, and Shawn Wood. They are not quotes because I frankly can barely read my own writing, thus why I am making sure my computer is charged for tomorrow' sessions (iphone, here I come).

DR: It is important to help your staff understand that every one is important on every campus.
DR:  There is not "first class" and "coach" with your campuses - we are one church.
DR: The DNA of our church is what we talk about in staff meetings.
MB: Every church should have a unique church print.
MB: Coffee houses are the post-modern wells of the Bible.
MB: Being a Muti-Site church forces us to think outside of ourselves.
MB: Anything less than multiplication is spiritual complacency.
SW: Seacoast is not a franchise. We give freedom to our campus pastors.
SW: We ask ourselves every week, "What can we leave people with on Sunday that will change their life?'
SW: The original campus has to provide leadership to all the campuses.
SW: The original campus HAS to think multi-site all the time with their decisions.
SW: We have to think about the person that just walked in for the 1st time in our language, the message, the music - we have to be careful how we build on each week.
SW: We have to communicate with our campuses as soon as we know information that affects them.
MB: Everything is an experiment. 
GS: Don't call the the first campus of your church "the main campus."  It is belittling to all your campuses.