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LowCountry - Hilton Head today

We have been blessed at LowCountry-Hilton Head with some amazing musicians...I'm talking about string and woodwind players - Susan on flute, Rob on cello, and Sam on viola.  They bring such color to our worship and today was no exception. Christine was co-leading with me today on vocals and just killed it. Here was our set list:

"Trading My Sorrows" - Darrell Evans // "Alleluia (More than Worthy)" - Sheri Carr // Readings from Psalm 33// "Uncreated One" - Cynthia Cullen // "Ancient Words" - MWS version // "Lord of All"  - Kristian Stanfill

It was fresh, different, and so worshipful.  Of course, our new subs made it unbelieveable as well! As a musician, there is something so fulfilling about being able to write instrumental parts that enhance the musical environment that you are creating. As a Service Programmer, there is such fulfillment in seeing everything connect from Scripture Readings to intro's of the songs to the Message from your Communicator (Pastor Joe really connected).  Some days I walk away and I'm glad it's over (usually because of something stupid I did.)  Today, I felt that we had prepared spiritually and musically and it showed. I loved every minute of being with our people through the music, Scripture Readings, the Message, and Communion.  This was one of my favorite Sundays.