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It's not about your music

0624146200 Talk about some fallout from the VMA's on Sunday night...No, we are not talking about the musical performances of the artists - we are talking about their political, social, and moral views.  To Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers, a big APOLOGY from musical artists everywhere.  We should be talking about your music, but we're not.  I applaud their convictions, but this is a MUSIC AWARDS SHOW.  They should not have to defend one another's moral convictions or for that matter have Paris Hilton do it - this was a night to honor their music. As Randy says in his blog today, "Come on, MTV, give us art-whether we agree with it or not! It certainly would go a long way to help legitimize a preachy and meaningless award show--and channel. "

It's not about the music anymore...does this upset you?