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Muti-Site Exposed Conference - Day 1

Website_header6 Here were some great thoughts I paraphrased from Mark Batterson, Dino Rizzo, Greg Surratt, and Shawn Wood. They are not quotes because I frankly can barely read my own writing, thus why I am making sure my computer is charged for tomorrow' sessions (iphone, here I come).

DR: It is important to help your staff understand that every one is important on every campus.
DR:  There is not "first class" and "coach" with your campuses - we are one church.
DR: The DNA of our church is what we talk about in staff meetings.
MB: Every church should have a unique church print.
MB: Coffee houses are the post-modern wells of the Bible.
MB: Being a Muti-Site church forces us to think outside of ourselves.
MB: Anything less than multiplication is spiritual complacency.
SW: Seacoast is not a franchise. We give freedom to our campus pastors.
SW: We ask ourselves every week, "What can we leave people with on Sunday that will change their life?'
SW: The original campus has to provide leadership to all the campuses.
SW: The original campus HAS to think multi-site all the time with their decisions.
SW: We have to think about the person that just walked in for the 1st time in our language, the message, the music - we have to be careful how we build on each week.
SW: We have to communicate with our campuses as soon as we know information that affects them.
MB: Everything is an experiment. 
GS: Don't call the the first campus of your church "the main campus."  It is belittling to all your campuses.

Sunday Setlist

I'm a part of Sunday Setlists!

Today was an awesome morning of worship because we celebrated our 1 year anniversary as a regional campus.  Todd (my hubby) preached a great message about being people of action. I edited a couple of videos for the service with some shooting assistance from Joel and you can see them at our campus blog. Here was the rundown...

"Sing, Sing Sing" - Tomlin
"All Because of Jesus" - Fee
"God of this City" - Tomlin
"Tell the World" - Hillsongs

I actually did a little jumpin' on "Tell the World!"  We had lunch after the service as a church complete with cotton candy and a jumpy house. I sat with our drummer Randy and bass player Davey and listened to them tell their stories of being musicians in the Lowcountry - it was just an awesome day. On that note, I'm beat! Till tomorrow...


My 4 year old is enamored with light right's all about fireworks, flashlights, the moon, stars...she gets so excited!  I moved a couple of LED cans on the stage at church to mix it up and people were like "that looks amazing!"  My Pastor Jeff sent me a link to Scott's blog about art and technology and I was like Sydney...going from link to link just enamored. Times Square would be very disappointing without the lights. I never grew tired of being down there in the evening - it was awe-inspiring. You can click here to read about the physical effects of light with our bodies, but I think our Creator made us to love it and be drawn to it.  What a simple thing but such a powerful tool in shaping our worship services, tooling our kids' creative toolbox, and lifting us from the ordinary to amazement.

"Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  And God saw that the light was good." 
- Genesis 1:3, 4

Ross Ashton - Projection ArtistWelcome2

Sydney's photo shoot

Dsc_0172edit Last week, we were at a Princess birthday party for one of Sydney's friends and Abro Kruger snapped this photo of Syd and e-mailed it to me...Okay, she's 4 but looks 15?  Abri told me to let people know he took this photo when she gets discovered! The funny thing is that she sat for him and he took a ton of pics and she did everything he told her - she loved it!

Microsoft fires back


I'm sure you've seen the Microsoft ads with Seinfeld - yeah, they yanked them and went after Apple with a new set of ads in an attempt to change the "not cool" image that Apple has created of PC owners (I own both but love my MAC!) I applaud them on this new approach - I love Seinfeld, but those ads weren't cutting it.  Here's one of the new ones..

I'm a woman in church leadership

I have tried the best I can to avoid this...but I cannot any longer. After reading Vicky's blog today, I have a responsibility as a woman who is in church leadership to contribute to this conversation.   I have seen and heard more than I have ever wanted to about this subject in the last month. This issue is not strengthening the church - it is dividing it and that causes me such heartache.  I can only speak to my convictions and my experience in church as a woman.

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Worship Recap

Our new drummer, Randy, started yesterday and he was great. It was our first Sunday with our new band altogether and I was pretty pumped. Our set list included:
"Here is our King" - Crowder
"Because of Your Love" - Baloche
"Let Me Sing" - Fields
" To the Ends of the Earth" - Hillsongs
Our people are really singing and it so cool for me to pull off the mic sometimes and just let them sing.  They don't back off!  Joel (our high school video guy) edited his first real piece for our services - you can click here to see it. He was disappointed in his green screen not working just right, but I was proud of the time and energy he put into this first piece.  We learned along the way and I can't wait to see what he does next!

Charlie Hall's "Mystery"

Charlie I am a HUGE Charlie Hall fan. My 4-year-old daughter sings "Marvelous Light" all the time - it was also the first song that I led worship with on my acoustic (tear.)  I am constantly challenged as a songwriter and a God-worshiper when I study his songs and see the depth with which he writes about God and His relationship with Jesus.  His new record, The Bright Sadness, does not disappoint. I heard "Mystery" for the 1st time as a new song focus member with Worship Together and I just sat there...I couldn't really say anything. It was such a fresh and deeply personal song about Communion.  We offer Communion every week at our church campus as a Worship Station at the end of our service so I know that it why this song is stirring me.  Every week, I'm singing songs of response as people move around our worship space and take Communion silently, closing their eyes to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice.  It never grows old to me. I have not led this song at our church yet because I don't feel I'm ready yet to let it out of my personal worship time right now. Some songs do that to me. Hear are the lyrics to the chorus...

by Charlie Hall

"Sweet Jesus Christ my sanity
Sweet Jesus Christ my clarity
Bread of heaven, broken for me
Cup of salvation held up to drink
Jesus the Mystery.."