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Gov. Palin interview with Charlie Gibson

Apsarahpalincharlesgibsoninterviewt I admit that as a woman, I have been energized by McCain's choice of Palin. Although I am not a Hilliary supporter, I was disappointed that her efforts in the primaries were not rewarded with a Vice-Presidential nomination from her party. Palin's nomination is bringing issues to light that working mothers face everyday, especially in this area of sexism. I felt that Mr. Gibson's interview did shed some light on some very specific areas in her political career that I wanted clarity ( Bridge to Nowhere, banning books, "Trooper Gate") since her arrival on the national scene. I do have a couple of questions for Mr. Gibson...Have you or will you ask the other candiates if they are afraid to be President/Vice-President? If they said no, would you ask them again if they felt overwhelmed? Have you asked the other candidates if they felt it was sexist to ask how they would be fathers to their children and be President/Vice-President? If you know of a transcript where these questions have been asked the other candidates, please let me know. If not, I look forward to these questions being asked of the other 3 candidates who might possibly be President.