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Finding our groove

Img_7899Img_7901 1 year ago today, LowCountry Community Church-Hilton Head Island opened its doors (Well, the doors of the 7th Day Adventist Church we were renting, but you get the idea). Today, we held services in our OWN permanent location on the Island where we have been for 3 months.  Our festivities are being postponed for a couple of weeks due to the threat of Hanna (which turned out to be nothing, thank God). Today was just a good day.  My service producers, audio guys, and video team are OWNING it...shooting video, editing pieces, tweaking our service elements, buying new speakers (yeah!), and keeping me on my toes on Sundays. The band is coming together now with the addition of a new drummer and bass player and we are really starting to click.  I felt it today...you know what I'm talking about...that place where things are really starting to find their groove and your team is understanding what it is all about. Sometimes in church planting, there are real serious times of loneliness. I have felt it at times this past year. I didn't really know any musicians or creatives here on the Island and that was very discouraging at times. But I have prayed and God has strategically brought each creative and musician to this church campus in HIS time.  When I look at the incredibly talented people around me, I just cannot believe that this wasn't here a year ago. Even better, this team has become more than just creative people that I serve with in ministry...they have become friends.  Today, I really felt like it was all of us moving toward a common goal...creating a worship environment that "Honors God and Inspires People" as is our mantra at LCC. BTW, we had about 10 people sign-up to be baptized(at the beach!) and 3 people indicated they were believing in Christ for salvation for the 1st time...it was just a good day.