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Charlie Hall's "Mystery"

Charlie I am a HUGE Charlie Hall fan. My 4-year-old daughter sings "Marvelous Light" all the time - it was also the first song that I led worship with on my acoustic (tear.)  I am constantly challenged as a songwriter and a God-worshiper when I study his songs and see the depth with which he writes about God and His relationship with Jesus.  His new record, The Bright Sadness, does not disappoint. I heard "Mystery" for the 1st time as a new song focus member with Worship Together and I just sat there...I couldn't really say anything. It was such a fresh and deeply personal song about Communion.  We offer Communion every week at our church campus as a Worship Station at the end of our service so I know that it why this song is stirring me.  Every week, I'm singing songs of response as people move around our worship space and take Communion silently, closing their eyes to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice.  It never grows old to me. I have not led this song at our church yet because I don't feel I'm ready yet to let it out of my personal worship time right now. Some songs do that to me. Hear are the lyrics to the chorus...

by Charlie Hall

"Sweet Jesus Christ my sanity
Sweet Jesus Christ my clarity
Bread of heaven, broken for me
Cup of salvation held up to drink
Jesus the Mystery.."