Blog Tweaking - #2
Opening Ceremonies

LCC-HHI Creatives - Joel Patrick

I love my team. Our church campus is 11 months old and I have already discovered the most AMAZING group of creatives to journey with me here on the Island. In the next few months, I will be spotlighting my teammates and and their creativity.

Joel Patrick4d0t2007Img_7880 has been playing Lumiere in the Main Street Youth Theater's Production of "Beauty and the Beast" for the last month.  He was awesome!  I think I laughed aloud more than I was supposed to. He just bought a green screen for his video company (he is in high school) and we are using it to film some pieces for our upcoming MIssion Message Series. He is a video editor, director, photographer, runs video for our services, and his entire family is artistic...well, I don't know about Andy (old yeller?). Joe brings a young and energetic flare to our team and I cannot wait to see how his creative energy will change the world.