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Opening Ceremonies

2chang533 There were moments I was in awe and really without words, and then the next minute I was so intimidated, almost fearful.  There was so much to take in that I'm leaving it on my DVR for awhile to watch again. My favorite artistic nuance of Director Zhang Yimou was the power of thousands in contrast to the 1. Maybe it stemmed from his own life...

"One of his[Zhang Yimou] favourite stories is how, at the age of 23 at the end of the Cultural Revolution, he donated his own blood in return for money to raise the $20 needed to buy his first camera. He insists that the experience of his early life and memories of the country's recent turbulent history remain a defining characteristic in his work." CLICK HERE to read more.

The largest LCD screen in the world? I know some Programming Director somewhere in some church is pricing that out right now:)