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Fireproof the Movie

Blog_header Todd and I attended a private screening of Fireproof last night in Savannah. I had seen a good bit of this movie at Recreate in February, so I already knew it was gonna be terrific. It was truly outstanding. The storyline was very developed and the contrast between dramatic moments and comedic relief was perfect. I have always been a huge advocate for the church to create culture and for art to come from us to our culture. Not be imitators - be creators. Watching this film has given me continued hope that We as the church can do this and do it with excellence and creativity. Go see this movie and take people with you.  The conversation that Todd and I had on the way home about the movie will greatly impact our marriage.  Good film does that and creating culture starts new conversations.  Thank you, Sherwood Baptist, for being culture creators and for starting conversation that directly affects my life.