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Boss or leader?

I love leadership books.  I love reading blogs or really anything that helps me become a better and more effective leader.  I have been blessed in my life to have some truly tremendous leaders pour into my life and I feel a great responsibility to share their investment in my life with the team around me. My hubby e-mailed me this link today and I loved this comparison between a boss and a leader.Boss_cartoon

1. A boss may 'tell' but a leader will 'coach'.
2. A boss tries to rule by force and fear but a leader will encourage, motivate and gain  trust. 
3. The boss focuses on his or her own needs saying 'I'. The leader considers others and uses 'we'.
4. A boss cultivates a blame culture whilst the leader looks for solutions and expects mistakes.
5. The boss can tell you what should be done and how to do it but offers no help. The leader tends to show a person how to do it.

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Do you have tendencies to be a boss or a leader?