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The Heath Ledger I remember


I'm sure most of us have felt the sting of gas prices and food prices to our monthly budgets here recently.  I was working on our finances last night and planning my trip to Publix this morning and doing that whole thing of...ok, what do we really need and what do we just want (you know, ice cream, cookies, soda -if I didn't mention your favorite, fill it in).  On my way this morning, I had the oil changed and got a car wash (free coupon in the mail - gotta love that).  As I was trying to prevent Sean from destroying the lobby of the car wash place, I noticed a young girl in her mid 20's sitting there wearing the uniform shirt of the car wash - about 5 months pregnant.  I never dreamed as I walked out to my car that she would be on the crew that would be wiping the water off the van. My heart just sank...I was disappointed about "thinking" at the grocery store and she is wiping water off cars in 100 degree weather.  I am such a whiner...forgive me, God.