Spurgeon makes me think
Pastor Jeff's 25th

The way it should be

Mike_and_tccc Dscf5936Not enough staff members have the joy of leaving a church with relationships in good standing and with good wind in your sails.  When Todd and I left NorthStar Church in 2005 to head to NYC to help with a church plant, that is exactly how we left.  Mike  prayed over us-encouraged us and is to this day a great friend, mentor, and terrific leader in our lives. My current Senior Pastor Jeff is about to take a 3 month sabbatical (the cat's away...jk!) He is planning to do some resting, but is also using his time to meet with other church leaders and ask questions. So, he's meeting with Mike - something Todd and I encouraged. There's been some good natured smack back and forth between the 4 of us the last couple of days (yes, I actually started it - can you believe it?) and it has made me take notice of how this is the way it should be...brothers and sisters in Christ loving each other through transitions and respecting God's unique call for each of our lives.  Kudos to Mike and Jeff - they both put up with Todd and I (extra crowns in Heaven), but I am THRILLED that they are taking the opportunity to meet (iron sharpens iron) as 2 OUTSTANDING Senior Pastors.  I wish everyone were as blessed as Todd and I to work for these 2 guys...