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The Smell Report

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Images I went on a bike ride today with the kids and my friend Rion and her kids to the park and then to the pool.  While riding, the smells of summer just overwhelmed me - fresh cut grass, heated asphault, flowers - all of it just took me back to being 10 and growing up in South Louisiana during the summer.  The emotions I felt, the way I looked at life, the peace of being a kid and having your whole life in front of you... Well, there is research on this.   The Smell Report from the Social issues Research Center tell us this...  "The perception of smell consists not only of the sensation of the odours themselves but of the experiences and emotions associated with these sensations. Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions. In surveys on reactions to odours, responses show that many of our olfactory likes and dislikes are based purely on emotional associations."

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