The Heath Ledger I remember

E_dad_jude_157 The hype was right...Dark Knight exceeded my expectations.  It was personally difficult for me to deal with Ledger's character. His daughter, Matilda Rose, was born the fall we moved to NYC.  There was a lot of buzz because he and Michelle Williams had moved to the city (Brooklyn) and I just remember seeing pictures and hearing about them a lot.  When interviewed, they were so happy to be parents to this little girl and I related so much because Todd and I loved our little girl and living in the city with her.  He is an amazing actor and his role as "The Joker" definitely deserves notice regardless of his death this year.  However, I hope Matlida sees more of the pictures of her dad with her and holding hands with her mom than she sees "The Joker".  That's the Heath Ledger I remember.