The Heath Ledger I remember
Active worship


Dscf6406 My 4 year old daughter, Sydney, has really grown up fast this summer. We have conversations now all the time and it is AMAZING to see how she is wired. She loves certain movies and watches them over and over and we recite the parts we like back and forth (she has my memorization skills...she will test well in school!) But, she has a playback button...I am a loud, passionate, loud, crazy, loud and intense person - she is not. But when she says something that in no way reflects her personality but mine,I laugh so hard it hurts. Yesterday, it was me asking her to help me pick up the living room.  She said, "You lead the way, MOM!" I also told her that we are going to see her cousins very soon and she said very quickly,"That's what I'm talking about!" I know there will be times that I will hate that button, but not today.