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Spurgeon makes me think

Sp13 I am a big fan of Spurgeon and one of the reasons is because He challenges me to think about a Scripture text that I would never find relevant to my life on my own.  He writes in such a way that I have to think - it's not so simple that I can just glance at it and move on. I read his morning meditations very often.  Who makes you think about Scripture in a different way? Share it with us.

"Let us attend sermons, but above all, let us be much alone with Jesus." C.H. Spurgeon

Being the church

Islanders are bringing their friends to LCC-HHI. We had a lot of 1st time guests yesterday and I got a case of the nerves when I started seeing all this people I had never seen before and well, lets just say I don't know what people thought I was talking about when I told them to go get a cup of coffee...anyway.  Our worship time was active. People are really expressing themselves more freely each week.  We did our worship stations (communion, giving) before the message and it flowed really well with our music and Responsive Scripture Reading. Marquis Laughlin spoke via video and it was UNBELIEVEABLE!  My video guy, Joel (a thespian himself) was enthralled with it. Even after all that, the BEST part of the service for me was afterwards when 2 of our women leaders approached Todd and I about their passion to minister to a specific group of people on this Island.  Let's just say they want to be the church not just go to church.  Islanders are getting active... watch out, Hilton Head.

My girl Amanda

Check out this video of an amazing singer, Amanda Richardson Blount singing one of my FAVORITE songs.  I am a little biased, because she was a part of my first student worship team at NorthStar Church in Atl in the late 90"s and her sister, Ashley, is an amazing keyboard player. Amanda would take a song that I had written and give it life like you could not believe. She inspired me to write better. The whole family means so much to go, Amanda! I'm so proud of you!

American Girl Movie

Imgpost10trans I took Sydney last was FANTASTIC! We will be buying it on DVD.  Sydney said her favorite part of the movie was "when the little girl talked." I loved Abigail's character and the way she treated her parents and others around her.  And it was nice to take my daughter to something G-rated that was not animated!


It is a quiet Friday morning as I sit in my office and plan services for the rest of the month...My lifestyle has totally changed in the last month in many ways and I have had some MAJOR time to be reflective.  The major thing I have come away with is this...I need quiet to hear from God.  I know this is not profound, but I am finally maybe understanding the way I am wired a little more at the age of 35.  So, I have been listening and asking God what I have missed in the noise of my life most recently. He's telling me good stuff, and I'm so glad I've slowed down to hear it.

The Smell Report

JOIN US at the Watercooler!

Images I went on a bike ride today with the kids and my friend Rion and her kids to the park and then to the pool.  While riding, the smells of summer just overwhelmed me - fresh cut grass, heated asphault, flowers - all of it just took me back to being 10 and growing up in South Louisiana during the summer.  The emotions I felt, the way I looked at life, the peace of being a kid and having your whole life in front of you... Well, there is research on this.   The Smell Report from the Social issues Research Center tell us this...  "The perception of smell consists not only of the sensation of the odours themselves but of the experiences and emotions associated with these sensations. Smells can evoke strong emotional reactions. In surveys on reactions to odours, responses show that many of our olfactory likes and dislikes are based purely on emotional associations."

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Staycation's over

The Monday after...well, at least I don't have any bags to unpack and laundry to do. Staycation was a success( CLICK HERE to see the video diary). But as Joe Scarborough says, "What did we learn today?" Here's my thoughts after a week of rest.  These may not be profound, but they are prompting BIG changes in my lifestyle.
1. Being a better mom is more important than being a better musician.
2. Read more than answer e-mails.
3. Sleep is more important than finishing my to-do list.
4. I need to take time to refresh more often than I want to.


Default Sydney is into My Little Pony...not just the overall brand...she is into Ponyville.  These are the smaller ponies and she has A TON of them. We were at Walmart on Friday and she found a NEW one that has a musical band...piano, saxophone, trumpet, music stand, and sheet music. Of course I bought it. She has been having regular concerts with all the ponies now.  It was so worth the $4.97.

My new bike

Img_7790Img_7794Img_7796 We  been waiting, waiting, and we finally pulled the trigger...we bought bikes yesterday and a running stroller attachment for the kids.  We biked about an hour total today up to Dophin Head in Hilton Head Plantation (where we live) where there is a playground, beach, and beautiful Port Royal Sound. Here are some pics...yeah, those thighs are going to see some work now:)