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Blog Tweaking - #1

About_logo Today, I am beginning a series called "Blog Tweaking." I will be sharing new insights that I have discovered which may not be profound, but are new practices for me. I will update you on my progress as I tackle these new initiatives.

#1 - I am building my Google Newsreader to include 100 blogs that I will read daily. 

What are you doing to "tweak" your blogging style?

Up a notch

I've been blogging for over 2 years now and it has become a way of life for me. To my readers and those who stumble across my ramblings, I sincerely thank you for the comments (nice and not-so-nice). But the time has come...It's time to "up the anti."  In the next 45 days, you are going to see it, read it, and experience it in a fresh way here at cheval glass. You are also going to see those around me on this Island join in the conversation.  Our HHI campus is about to embark on conversation through media in a huge way.  As my 4 year old says,"It's gonna' be great!"

Thunder and calm

Image1 I've always been a human barometer.  I can tell you when a storm is coming because my head feels like it is about to explode. We are in the middle of those summer thunderstorms here on the Island and when one leaves, another is right behind it. So, basically, I have had a headache for a week. But, right now it is storming at my office and that means my headache has subsided for awhile and I'm just immersed in the sound of thunder and rain.  Even with the thunder, I sense a calm - the sound of refreshment and cleansing pouring over the earth. I'm working on a song right now that will reflect this's almost done and I can't wait to share it with you.

Active worship

4d0t2004 We had a great worship service yesterday.  I've added a viola to our flute and cello combo twice a month and it was really beautiful.  Pastor Jeff is in a series on the Names of God - yes, a worship leader's dream! Here was our set list:
"Forever" - Tomlin
"There's No One Like Our God" - Beeching
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
"God of Our Yesterdays" - Redman
"Your Name" - Baloche
I hold to a steadfast rule in worship planning to always keep very familiar songs within the set and then add fresh ones in spots that tie more to the theme. I've had 2 different seasons of my life (both before church plants) where I have not been at church every Sunday as the worship leader but as an attender and it was the most enlightening time for me.  I saw how much "new" we do in church and I didn't feel like I could participate because I didn't know the songs. (I was so guilty of this as a worship leader!) But, the churches I attended that they chose a couple of familiar songs and then maybe one or 2 new ones, I really engaged.  I know the argument can be made,"What is familiar?" but I think the main thing on that is repetition.  The most familiar worship songs are those that we can learn and remember easily. I thank Tomlin for doing that for us in his writing. Participation is a big deal to me.  I want our worship service to be ACTIVE and that value dictates so much of my choices.  Was your worship service active yesterday?


Dscf6406 My 4 year old daughter, Sydney, has really grown up fast this summer. We have conversations now all the time and it is AMAZING to see how she is wired. She loves certain movies and watches them over and over and we recite the parts we like back and forth (she has my memorization skills...she will test well in school!) But, she has a playback button...I am a loud, passionate, loud, crazy, loud and intense person - she is not. But when she says something that in no way reflects her personality but mine,I laugh so hard it hurts. Yesterday, it was me asking her to help me pick up the living room.  She said, "You lead the way, MOM!" I also told her that we are going to see her cousins very soon and she said very quickly,"That's what I'm talking about!" I know there will be times that I will hate that button, but not today.

The Heath Ledger I remember

E_dad_jude_157 The hype was right...Dark Knight exceeded my expectations.  It was personally difficult for me to deal with Ledger's character. His daughter, Matilda Rose, was born the fall we moved to NYC.  There was a lot of buzz because he and Michelle Williams had moved to the city (Brooklyn) and I just remember seeing pictures and hearing about them a lot.  When interviewed, they were so happy to be parents to this little girl and I related so much because Todd and I loved our little girl and living in the city with her.  He is an amazing actor and his role as "The Joker" definitely deserves notice regardless of his death this year.  However, I hope Matlida sees more of the pictures of her dad with her and holding hands with her mom than she sees "The Joker".  That's the Heath Ledger I remember.


I'm sure most of us have felt the sting of gas prices and food prices to our monthly budgets here recently.  I was working on our finances last night and planning my trip to Publix this morning and doing that whole thing of...ok, what do we really need and what do we just want (you know, ice cream, cookies, soda -if I didn't mention your favorite, fill it in).  On my way this morning, I had the oil changed and got a car wash (free coupon in the mail - gotta love that).  As I was trying to prevent Sean from destroying the lobby of the car wash place, I noticed a young girl in her mid 20's sitting there wearing the uniform shirt of the car wash - about 5 months pregnant.  I never dreamed as I walked out to my car that she would be on the crew that would be wiping the water off the van. My heart just sank...I was disappointed about "thinking" at the grocery store and she is wiping water off cars in 100 degree weather.  I am such a whiner...forgive me, God.

ipod not

Appleipodnanofront I lost my really great drummer last week (he moved to the ATL), so I'm back to doing some loops for us (If you know a great drummer in the Savannah area, let me know!) Well, my 2nd gen ipod nano decided to just lock up today as I was going to our 2nd song and well, that's it.  Once a piece of gear has "bitten me" once, I'm done.  It is now being retired to being the event playlist ipod - he has lost his stage privileges. My video ipod will now get an "at bat."  Oh sweet live drummer, come soon!

Pastor Jeff's 25th

Img_7847 Img_7857Img_7856Img_7851Last night, we celebrated Pastor Jeff's 25 years in ministry...his wife, Darlene and 3 daughters - Tiffany, Lauren, and Emily- planned a huge surprise celebration at LCC-Bluffton and it worked!  He had no idea. Check out the video below to see his surprise. Todd and I had a blast over the last month looking at old videos and pictures and helping put the video tribute together. Seeing my husband at 15 and 16 in "Youth Group" (Jeff was his Youth Pastor) was priceless. Here are some other pics from the night. Todd's best friend, Brian, came down from ATL to be a part of the evening - they were in youth group together (see pic). I guess Jeff is wondering today about the level of deceptiveness of his family and staff - I can't believe none of us blew the surprise...I was impressed with our "sneakiness"...

The way it should be

Mike_and_tccc Dscf5936Not enough staff members have the joy of leaving a church with relationships in good standing and with good wind in your sails.  When Todd and I left NorthStar Church in 2005 to head to NYC to help with a church plant, that is exactly how we left.  Mike  prayed over us-encouraged us and is to this day a great friend, mentor, and terrific leader in our lives. My current Senior Pastor Jeff is about to take a 3 month sabbatical (the cat's away...jk!) He is planning to do some resting, but is also using his time to meet with other church leaders and ask questions. So, he's meeting with Mike - something Todd and I encouraged. There's been some good natured smack back and forth between the 4 of us the last couple of days (yes, I actually started it - can you believe it?) and it has made me take notice of how this is the way it should be...brothers and sisters in Christ loving each other through transitions and respecting God's unique call for each of our lives.  Kudos to Mike and Jeff - they both put up with Todd and I (extra crowns in Heaven), but I am THRILLED that they are taking the opportunity to meet (iron sharpens iron) as 2 OUTSTANDING Senior Pastors.  I wish everyone were as blessed as Todd and I to work for these 2 guys...