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Being the church

Islanders are bringing their friends to LCC-HHI. We had a lot of 1st time guests yesterday and I got a case of the nerves when I started seeing all this people I had never seen before and well, lets just say I don't know what people thought I was talking about when I told them to go get a cup of coffee...anyway.  Our worship time was active. People are really expressing themselves more freely each week.  We did our worship stations (communion, giving) before the message and it flowed really well with our music and Responsive Scripture Reading. Marquis Laughlin spoke via video and it was UNBELIEVEABLE!  My video guy, Joel (a thespian himself) was enthralled with it. Even after all that, the BEST part of the service for me was afterwards when 2 of our women leaders approached Todd and I about their passion to minister to a specific group of people on this Island.  Let's just say they want to be the church not just go to church.  Islanders are getting active... watch out, Hilton Head.