Thunder and calm

Active worship

4d0t2004 We had a great worship service yesterday.  I've added a viola to our flute and cello combo twice a month and it was really beautiful.  Pastor Jeff is in a series on the Names of God - yes, a worship leader's dream! Here was our set list:
"Forever" - Tomlin
"There's No One Like Our God" - Beeching
"Beautiful the Blood" - Fee
"God of Our Yesterdays" - Redman
"Your Name" - Baloche
I hold to a steadfast rule in worship planning to always keep very familiar songs within the set and then add fresh ones in spots that tie more to the theme. I've had 2 different seasons of my life (both before church plants) where I have not been at church every Sunday as the worship leader but as an attender and it was the most enlightening time for me.  I saw how much "new" we do in church and I didn't feel like I could participate because I didn't know the songs. (I was so guilty of this as a worship leader!) But, the churches I attended that they chose a couple of familiar songs and then maybe one or 2 new ones, I really engaged.  I know the argument can be made,"What is familiar?" but I think the main thing on that is repetition.  The most familiar worship songs are those that we can learn and remember easily. I thank Tomlin for doing that for us in his writing. Participation is a big deal to me.  I want our worship service to be ACTIVE and that value dictates so much of my choices.  Was your worship service active yesterday?