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Lucky 13

Rob's prayer

Of50590442 We have a really cool group of musicians here at our campus that started this journey with me in the fall.  One of them is a rising High School Senior, Rob, who is an amazing cellist.  We have a group prayer time every Sunday with our team and today I asked Rob to lead our hear the way he talked to His Father...He thanked God for the opportunity to have a new day, to wake up and greet the day for God's glory.  He asked God to take what we were offering to Him this morning as a gift.  I was just speechless, and I hated we had to go and actually start the service! I just wanted to stay in that moment and eavesdrop on Rob's conversation with His Father and God.  After a crazy morning of my 16 month old son not feeling well and running home 3 times today for stuff I forgot:) it was exactly what I needed to hear to take me into the moment of leading our worship to our God this morning.  Thanks, Rob, for letting me listen in.