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Generational work

I can't quite describe the prayer gathering we just had at our new campus.  As I prayed over my son's classroom in Promiseland (yeah, I cried like a baby!) I was just overwhelmed with the fact that I have the privilege to do this.  God has allowed me to be a part of "Generational work" as Mako Fujimura calls it..laying the foundation and paving the way for the next generation of believers who will create their own spiritual culture in this church, the Island, and the world. I am speechless...I am without speech.

All coming together

My parents took my kids home with them last Sunday and thank goodness!  Todd and I have been living our "bk" life (before kids) ...leaving at 8 AM and coming home at 10pm trying to get our new church campus ready for this Sunday.  We got the CO today (praise God!) and I should have all the audio, video, and lighting going tonight...well, I will NOT be going home tonight until it is all installed and working!  We have a FABULOUS crew helping with the install...BP at innA/Vation has been awesome!  While installing TV's, lighting, and audio, he is running over the line list with Swtichfoot's guys for their concert on the Island this weekend. The man can multi-task! I can't find my usb cable right now, so no pics, but I will get some up soon!


Webster defines collaboration as "the work and activity of a number of persons who individually contribute toward the efficiency of the whole." Having been a part of collaborative teams in creative arts and service programming for 15 years now in the church world, this is one of my FAVORITE words in the dictionary! We had our "first" collaborative message series meeting this week with our campus and the core campus and it was OUT of the park!  Our senior pastor,Jeff,is leaving for a 3 month sabbatical in August and we (the preaching team and the worship arts directors for both campuses) planned the rest of the year.  I told our Senior Pastor that it was the most engaged I have felt as a team member here at LowCountry. You cannot explain the synergy when you get all sides and all view points in the room to make decisions together. There was "lively" debate, a lot of laughter, and some real "A Ha" moments.  I am so pumped about the next 6 months!  Jeff said "It's amazing what can happen when you just schedule a meeting!"

No darts from me

So Perry laid it out for what he wants to hear from us as church planters...I am currently a church planter who before that was on staff in the mega church world for 12 years.   The last 3 years on this journey of church planting have been THE toughest 3 years of ministry in my life. Starting from scratch is exciting and definitely edge-living.  At times, you are just so stickin' tired, you can't explain it. I have no darts to throw at Megachurch.  I loved it! There are elements in my weekly service that I would have NEVER planned for my megachurch service because it just comes down to simply a numbers game.  Being creative with a 100 people is a lot easier than being creative with 1500 people.  Do I miss megachurch?  My pastor asked me that last night...

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35 is here

I've had a smile on my face all day.   I hit 35 today, but I am really thrilled about it.  I have loved my 30's more than other decade of my life.  My kids were born in the last 4 years, I've helped start 2 churches in the last 3 years, and I am still married to my college boy!  I am so looking forward to what is ahead - I mean it.  I have had such a great life filled with awesome people who have made me who I am today. My parents, my grandparents, teachers, musicians, and best friends.  To all of you who have crossed my path, thank you for being friends, mentors, encouragers, motivators (a.k.a. - booty kickers!), and spiritual advisors. YOU are why this day has come.  Thank you for giving of yourselves in big and small ways and giving me the kind of day I've had today. Here's to 35 more!

4 years ago

Dscf6394 June 6, 2004 was the day...just one day shy of my 31st birthday...a little precious girl entered the world and made me a mother.  My life will never be the same. In her few years of life, she has taught me so much more about myself and the world around me than I ever imagined.  Happy Birthday, princess... no more birthdays, OK?  Just stay 4 forever...

Being Amatuer

Img_7366 Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Every artist was first an amateur."  It has been a long time since I have felt like such an amateur when it comes to music.  I am there right now learning to play acoustic and lead worship for services.  There are some Sundays that I think, "Wow. I am really not that bad."  and then there are Sundays (like this last Sunday) that I feel,"Cynthia, you would never let yourself play in your OWN band!" Today, I was rehearsing for our Beach Service this week (yeah,life's tough) and it just clicked today as I was playing HOW much this journey of learning a new instrument has been THE BEST thing to happen to me as a musician in a LONG time.  I am energized, frustrated, excited, mad, and loving the process all at the same time.  I could lead worship and play keys in my sleep at this point in my life and this is making me engage at a level that I have not had to do in some time. So, I like being an amateur right's kicking my butt and I'm loving it!