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Lucky 13

Img_7201Today marks 13 years that I have been on this journey everyday with my best friend. I was greeted by roses this morning and then the rest of the day was pretty normal. I spent most of the morning in a staff meeting (it was awesome, actually!), had a fabulous lunch, and then bought a new flat screen TV for our new worship center (my cheat video monitor in the back of the room!)I love my life.   Todd just put our 16 month old son in bed and I never dreamed I would be a mother of 2 fabulous kids, doing full-time ministry alongside my best friend (he told me he was going to be a lawyer when we got married...oh well...), and living at the beach! hasn't been easy and sometimes actually, no fun at all.  However,  I have lost all perspective of my life without Todd a part of it.  There is no me without him.  We're in this together, babe, and I wouldn't have it any other way...I love you more!