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This is a new word I learned yesterday from Pastor Brian Rose at is how you describe a vacation where you do not leave home...yeah, that's what we are doing this week...beach,pool, playground, grillin' out, and being together as a family...check out our family blog at  cullenhouse this week for a daily diary of our "staycation."

Leader Appreciation Night

Img_7738 Img_7740Img_7741Img_7739Last night was our Leader Appreciation Night for our church campus...We had appetizers and dessert at the South Carolina Yacht Club.  It was such a wonderful environment to walk around and say thanks to all thes e wonderful people who just 10 months ago most of them where in that same room hearing about our new campus launching...and now they are celebrating with us over the 1st year and our own permanent space on the Island. For me, the most fun was giving our retired Logistics team leader a miniature trailer and truck for him to remember his work this past year ( we cant believe we found one!) To those of you who could not make it, a big HUGE thank you goes out from us to you for your investment this first year.  We could not have done this WITHOUT guys rock!



I am admitting it...I have a picture obsession...I take on the average of about 500 pictures a month of various things, mostly my kids...I make my kids stand there and smile in just the right light, with just the right background until I get "THE PERFECT" snapshot of problem, right? Just wait...I can't delete the bad ones.  I feel that I'm erasing a moment of my kids' lives. Is there a pill for this?  I have 2 external drives, 2  image/video hosting online services, and 2 computers housing all anybody?


Sleep The modern artist, Salvador Dali saw sleep as a monster held up by crutches. Without sleep, I feel like a monster! I prayed for rest and I got it. I went to be at 9:45 PM last night (very early for me) and woke up at 6:30 this morning. Like a new person, I feel (that's for you Yoda fans). I've heard it said before that the most spiritual thing we can do sometimes is take a nap. Rest is not overrated.

"He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities."
- Benjamin Franklin

"Then Jesus said,

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28

2 babies

Img_4389Img_7695It hit me yesterday as I was enjoying the sound of the thunderstorm at my house...I've has 2 babies this wonder I'm exhausted!  My son Sean is 16 months now and our church campus is approaching our one year anniversary.  As every parent knows, the first year of life is so much hands on and then they start walking and you enter this awesome phase (at least to me) of them finding their independence and exploring their world. As every church planter knows, the first year of your church is about physical labor (moving stuff from one place to another), praying people show up,hoping everything works every week, and finding leaders. We have entered that awesome phase of our church campus finding their independence and exploring their world now.  I've had 2 conversations just this past week with people who are ready to use their gifts and abilities in a major way to influence others. On the home front, Sean is swimming (with floaties) all over the pool now, talking like never before, and eating us out of house and home!  The 2 babies are growing up and I need a nap.

What is cheval glass?

H2_24230 I have had several people ask me why I named my blog cheval glass. The definition of cheval glass is "a mirror swinging in a frame, and large enough to reflect the full length figure." So I loved the idea of my blog being a reflection of my whole self like cheval glass.  You can read more about cheval glass here, but I really choose the name based on that definition alone. If you have chosen a name for you blog, what is the meaning behind it?  Share your thoughts with me.

Fancy Nancy

513ylndjdol_sl500_bo2204203200_pisi Sydney got this book from one of her friends, Julia, for her birthday and we have read it EVERY night this week!  If you have a little girl who is VERY much into being a princess, make-up, her clothes(mommy, they have to match!), this is fabulous book!   Written by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser,it teaches a lot of big words in a fun way and it is illustrated beautifully.  Go get it!