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The Shootback Project

I love to see creatives enable others to find their own creativity...Read this....

175_tout_shootback"If you were in Nairobi's desperately poor neighborhood of Mathare during the mid-1990s, you might have seen a slender American woman wandering around the shanties, where nearly a million people live with minimal water supply amid puddles of raw sewage. The visitor was Lana Wong, a Harvard-educated fine-art photographer, who had come to with one aim: to teach teenagers how to shoot photographs. "I picked 31 kids, and handed them plastic $30 cameras and a roll of film each," says Wong. "I wanted them to tell their own stories, rather than have me intervene. Most of them had never seen a camera." From that bold idea has come a decade of bold work, some of the best of which will be on exhibit in Paris until May 30 in a show entitled "Shootback," the title Wong gave to her training project. "

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