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Mom thoughts

Sean1Dscf6395OK...I know Mother's Day was 2 days ago:) but I do have some thoughts I want to share...I sang the Martina McBride song" My Daughter's Eyes" on Sunday and I had a whole lot of people mad that I made them cry:)  I rehearsed it so much last week just to get the tears out of me before Sunday!  Anyway, what a privilege to sing that song about my little girl and to be the mother of a daughter and a son.  My little girl could not be more than different than I (she is Todd in drag!) so for me, it is a lot of listening to her and trying to understand her thoughts, her dreams, and how she perceives the world around her. Sometimes, I am so lost and then other times I feel like I really connect with her.  My son, on the other hand, is ME!  He's only 15 months, but I can tell already that he and I are going to be buds (telling daddy and sis to get over it and come on!)  I've learned so much about my weaknesses and my strengths in light of these 2 kids - it is awesome...I love being a mom and there is no greater reward in my life than seeing them grow into the people they are becoming each day.

It's how you say it?

How many times have I heard in my life, "Cynthia, it's not what you said, it's how you said it!"  It seems Barack Obama's denomination is using the same line for their issues with one of their former pastors, Reverend Wright.



"... to put Wright's comments into context, you must understand black theology and American religious history. He said that the African-American church always has had a unique relationship to social and racial justice and that it always has been central to the social and political life of black communities.
"The African-American church emerged out of rejection by the white church. Slaves that converted to Christianity understood that the gospel did not sanction the superiority of white people or slavery," Glaude said. "African-Americans who embraced Jesus Christ as their savior had to reconcile those who understood Christ's message in terms of their privilege as white brothers and sisters. They wanted to figure out why they had to be separated during worship and when they were buried." Glaude describes Wright's words and tone as prophetic speech that is a common rhetorical style that African-American Christians have used since the early 19th century.  "It's kind of a prophetic stance where they want to call America on the carpet for, in some ways, not living up to its ideals," Glaude said. "It's righteous indignation, not hatred. I don't know that it was so much what Rev. Wright said but how he said it."

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A revealing moment

Of50590442 I'm spending some time with my youngest sister Cathryn in Florida this week and as sisters do, we have our typical late night chat after the kids are in bed (no husbands this week) about absolutely nothing that means anything to anyone else but us. In that conversation last night, a revealing moment sister admitted to me that she (and my other sister) cheated their way through 8th grade and 10th grade homeschool...she said that they did not learn a thing.  To most of you, this means nothing...however to me, I have not stopped laughing since last night every time I think about it. Sorry you had to find out this way, mom.

Beach Day

Blue_umbrellas_b You cannot believe what a gorgeous day it is here! We have lived on Hilton Head Island for a year now, but last year, I was busy with a brand new baby so in some ways, I feel that I missed Spring.  Anyway, the kids and I are off to the beach today with friends and I am VERY happy to be living on Hilton Head today. We have a special beach area for Islanders only and when I walk across the boardwalk to the beach, I feel like I'm am transported to a whole other world.  On another note, my 15-month old son is attempting head first dives into the waves already - this is going to be an interesting summer with him!