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My Favorite Dining Experience

Watercooler Wednesday!

This is THE toughest thing for me to answer!  Eating out is actually a hobby...when Todd and I lived in NYC, it became an obession for us to try a new and different place whenever we could.  When we lived in Atlanta, we had our favs and that is where we would go...Capitol Grille and Anthony's were the top of the list and our favorite Chinese was Hong Kong Star in Acworth where we lived.  However, the question is my Favorite Dining has to be The Kitchen Club in NYC.  I blogged about it last year so
CLICK HERE to read about it...UNBVELIEVABLE experience!

The train and cat song

My 4 year-old daughter Sydney has slowly come into the world of being comfortable singing, comfortable with me singing all the time, and me actually singing with her.  The other day, I was listening to "Happy Day" by Kristian Stanfill and Sydney spoke up from the back,"Hey, Mom, that's your song you sing at church!  I was like,"Yeah, you're right!."  She is asking me questions about my guitar and when I play "piano" at church - it is really a cool phase of life. However, she is currently only watching 2 movies...Polar Express and Lady and the Tramp - I finally figured out why ...the MUSIC!  She has been singing "The Train song" as she calls it and "The Cat Song" from Lady and the Tramp. As a musician, I am LOVING this! 

IAM 2009 Conference

JOIN US around the Watercooler!

If you have never attend the IAM Conference, you need to put it on your calendar for 2009.  For me, it was like drinking from a fire hydrant!  The speakers are very thought provoking, the dialogue is very intense, the people you will meet will astound you, and your view of how the church should embrace the arts will be challenged at every level.  You don't want to miss this!

International Arts Movement's 2009 Encounter
"Art in Action"
February 26-28, 2009
Lower Manhattan, New York, NY

The 2009 IAM Encounter will feature philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff, PhD (author of the book Art in Action), Makoto Fujimura (National Council for the Arts member, IAM founder), and other artists and creative catalysts, as well as workshops, festival performances, and more. 

It's never too early to make your travel plans!  Registration will open November 1, 2008.

International Arts Movement's Fall Fundraising Weekend
"IAM: Docent to the Arts"
October 23-25, 2008
New York, NY

Join a small gathering of friends to experience the best of vibrant cultural life in New York City through the IAM lens of inspiring, engaging, and creating the world that ought to be.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Hello, TV..are you there?

Nup_130416_0311Lost_410I thought this was an interesting article in EW about how the writer's strike has really hurt some of MY favorite shows (The Office, Lost)...I'm still here:) It's weird how we as TV fans lose interest so quick when we are not fed our TV on a regular basis. Granted, this season of The Office is not my favorite, but the season finale did make a great mess for next season. Lost, however, has hit it out of the park!  I am loving this season more than ever!  Read below...

Hey... Knock, knock. You out there? It's your TV. Remember me? I'm awfully lonely in here. Networks are airing new episodes of their top shows once again, but early ratings returns indicate that viewers might have left some programs for good. Serialized dramas, presumably because of their complex story lines, are suffering the most...The lesson here? Depriving viewers of their shows is no joke.
Tanner Stransky

CLICK HERE to read more


N647539453_394674_6202Whether you like Huckabee or not, he is holding my friend, Gary Eubanks' bass guitar!  Gary and I toured in college together in a band so this is pretty cool to me...that's Gary in the back corner smiling really big.  Gary has renamed his bass "Huckabass."

Christie's B-Day

Img_7521 Img_7522My sister does a b-day trip with her closest girlfriends and came to the Hilton Head area the last 2 days for some sun and the beach.  I hooked up with them last night for dinner - it was great!  I sat next to her best friend from elementary school, Kim, and I caught up with her about all the people I grew up with in Baton Rouge (where she still lives).  It was like a time warp hearing names I hadn't heard since high school! It was great to reminisce and then I got really happy about where my life has taken me and the family that I have to enjoy it with.  Alexander's was great and the conversation was therapeutic!

The Producers and Our Fred

1536 Last night, Todd and I had a much needed date night...we ate Indian food at Spice, toured the National Juried Show of our Hilton Head Art League and saw our Arts Center's production of The Producers. One of our church elders (yeah, you read that right!) played Mr. Brooks, Leo's boss, a cop, and the judge.  Fred was awesome!  Ok, I know I am biased, but really, he hit it out of the park! I have never been so proud to be a part of a church where our leadership embraces the arts and gets involved in making it happen!

Here's what a local magazine, Celebrate Hilton Head had to say about Fred...

Not everyone in the musical has Broadway credentials, which for some, is the beauty of Arts Center productions—the mix of amateur and pro. Fred Hedemark and his wife retired to Hilton Head ten years ago. He’s been busy fixing up a “fixer-upper” house he and his wife fell in love with. Before his lifelong career with AT&T, Hedemark participated in college and community theatre. “That was a long, long time ago,” Hedemark laughs. When his rehab career with his house in Sea Pines ended successfully, he found he had a little time to spare. The theatre called.  His experience so far? “This is one of the most energetic, crazy and yet well choreographed and well orchestrated plays I’ve ever seen. It all fits together,” he said.

CLICK HERE to read the article...

The Shootback Project

I love to see creatives enable others to find their own creativity...Read this....

175_tout_shootback"If you were in Nairobi's desperately poor neighborhood of Mathare during the mid-1990s, you might have seen a slender American woman wandering around the shanties, where nearly a million people live with minimal water supply amid puddles of raw sewage. The visitor was Lana Wong, a Harvard-educated fine-art photographer, who had come to with one aim: to teach teenagers how to shoot photographs. "I picked 31 kids, and handed them plastic $30 cameras and a roll of film each," says Wong. "I wanted them to tell their own stories, rather than have me intervene. Most of them had never seen a camera." From that bold idea has come a decade of bold work, some of the best of which will be on exhibit in Paris until May 30 in a show entitled "Shootback," the title Wong gave to her training project. "

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