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Hello, TV..are you there?

Nup_130416_0311Lost_410I thought this was an interesting article in EW about how the writer's strike has really hurt some of MY favorite shows (The Office, Lost)...I'm still here:) It's weird how we as TV fans lose interest so quick when we are not fed our TV on a regular basis. Granted, this season of The Office is not my favorite, but the season finale did make a great mess for next season. Lost, however, has hit it out of the park!  I am loving this season more than ever!  Read below...

Hey... Knock, knock. You out there? It's your TV. Remember me? I'm awfully lonely in here. Networks are airing new episodes of their top shows once again, but early ratings returns indicate that viewers might have left some programs for good. Serialized dramas, presumably because of their complex story lines, are suffering the most...The lesson here? Depriving viewers of their shows is no joke.
Tanner Stransky

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