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Baby Gianni

JmcbjjqifhbocdenwsozThere are very few true defining moments in one's life.  I remember where I was when I knew God called me into full-time ministry, when I knew Todd was the love of my life, and when I knew leaving our church home in Atlanta in 2005 would change my life forever.  Last night was a new defining moment for me.  Todd and I have had the privilege (and I truly mean that!) of walking a road with 2 friends here in Hilton Head as they experienced what all of us pray never happens to us - the death of a child.  Baby Gianni Armando Godoy lived 8 days.  His parents, Rod and Etresia, have been on a journey that few of us could ever imagine surviving.  We had a Memorial/Celebration Service for him last night that ranks up there with one of the most difficult things that I have had to be a part of as a musician and as a friend. However, as Rod and Etresia shared how their faith in God has been increased, how they would have never survived this had it not been for their relationship with Christ, and how they celebrate the fact that Gianni's short life has impacted more people to see their own eternity than some people who live 80 years...I was blown away.  They invited all their friends - those with faith and those who are not there yet.  I have never been a part of something that was the closest thing to seeing how God desires us to live out our faith and share it with others than last night.  Sometimes being in full-time ministry, we have to be a part of things that frankly we have NO idea how we are going to get through them because we are people as human as anyone else - flawed, feeling, and fearful.  When you see 2 people totally immersed in the strength that lies in their faith in God, you see with fresh eyes just how AMAZING our God truly is.