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Let me rehearse!

I am one of the weird ones in the fact that performing is great, but I could rehearse ALL DAY LONG! Last night, our musical team rehearsed for Palm Sunday...just the fact that we could all get together and rehearse is a victory in itself with work schedules, kids, and the fact that we have to find a space to rehearse (Thank you, LCC-Bluffton!) BUT, it was not just any rehearsal. We laughed, and laughed, sang, played, made fun of each other, laughed again, and then had some incredible creative musical moments evolve.  I can't tell you the joy that I feel when someone on our team has a creative musical moment that we all stand back and go,"Wow - that was amazing!"  Our team this week consists of me leading worship, playing keys and acoustic (on one song), flute, drums, and 2 additional vocals. I write charts for our flautist (Susan) and she is amazing. Our drummer, Steve, is someone that understands the art of playing drums in the context of worship as well as performance (you worship leaders know what I am saying...).  We were doing "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone" and I wrote a flute solo for the intro in 3/4 and then we switch to 4/4 when I start singing the song.  We were going along since we know this song pretty well, and then Steve started this military snare thing that I was thinking about at the same time he started it!  We got to the end and Susan started playing the melody of  "Amazing Grace" in 4/4 at the end.  It was the coolest moment.  The evolution of musical creativity and worship.  We all just kinda looked at each other and couldn't really talk.  I'm sure the significance of the words of that song as well as the musical interpretation was why...but I had to share this because THIS IS WHY I LOVE what I do...Let me rehearse any day over performing.