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Img_7402Img_7397Img_7405This morning, Todd (my hubby!) gave a powerful message on the power of hope.  Frankie Jones, an artist in our church, painted while we sang and Todd spoke.  Frankie's painting will be hung in our new campus this summer.  Todd ended his message with the story of an amazing believer,William Willberforce and his life-long pursuit of ending slavery in England (check out the movie "Amazing Grace" if you don't know this story). One of his mentors was a former slave trader, John Newton, who was the writer of the song, "Amazing Grace."  It took all of William's life for him to see the end of slavery in England.  Through this story, Todd was encouraging us that hope deferred is still hope when it is placed in God and His Word and His plan for our life.  We ended Todd's message with "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone" and the powerful ballad  "Only Hope" by Switchfoot.   I was so overcome with the combination of all these moments in our service that my hands were shaking as I played the last song! I needed this encouragement to place my hope in God and not lose heart when circumstances are not as I think they should be.  What a powerful worship experience! Here are some pics...