One shot
Let me rehearse!

Girl Time


Sydney and I are in St. Simon's Island, GA this weekend because I am leading worship for a teen girls leadership weekend.  This is Syd's first time to go with Mom on a worship leading event and we are having a blast!  She sat on the front row while I sang and closed her eyes when we would pray (I had to peek, it was so cute!) All the girls were talking to her and asking her questions - she was loving it!   I made some serious decisions about my relationship with God at an event very similar to this so I feel very strongly about being a part of weekend retreats when I can. I have been leading worship for events like this for about 9 years now mostly before Sydney was born so for me this is SUCH a joy on a whole greater level to share this with her.  We slept in late and went to Starbucks (she had her usual of a vanilla milk and a blueberry muffin) and we now we are just hanging out.  She was just a baby yesterday and a last night she told me, "Mom, this is fun!"  Enough said...