Recreate - Day 3
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Recreate -Day 4 (going home)

Img_7167 I'm all packed and minutes away from my nice many thoughts from today - Our Communion time with Mark Roach , Mark Lee, and the Jesus Painter, Mike Lewis.  My favorite part of Recreate was this afternoon as Randy took all of us to the property where his dream of building a retreat and learning center for young artists is coming to fruition - Kalein.  I remember being at Recreate 3 or 4 years ago hearing Randy share the vision and to actually stand on the property today was more than I can describe.  So many old friends and new friends (thanks, Kim and Jennifer!).  I met Sheri Carr, a female worship leader with Vineyard - we do her songs at LCC-HHI ("Alleluia, More than Worthy). It was an unbelievable week of refreshment, excitement, resources (I am coming home with about 30 CD's and 15 books!), and the working knowledge of everyone that attended in written form (we had homework before we got here!).  I leave here tomorrow (in  6 hours) with a sense of new energy, better focus, and a passion to create culture on Hilton Head Island, not imitate it.Img_7155 Img_7176