Recreate - Day2
Recreate -Day 4 (going home)

Recreate - Day 3

Another "drinking from a fire hydrant" day for me...Dr. Thom Parham from Azusa Pacific University really "brought it" in his discussion with us about Hollywood and movies - I really enjoyed his thoughts on movies as pre-evangelism.  Jon Tyson, Pastor of Origins NYC, discussed with us his thoughts on how we may need some course correction in our churches today in a variety of areas a such as how we do services, how many programs we have, and the value of our people's time.  Jon's church is an awesome place!  Todd and I were able to attend a service at Origins during our time in NYC and the Gallery and Origins were started about the same time. We did a creative exercise at Lane Motor Museum.  I picked out my car - a 1971 Morris mini (picture attached).  Img_7125 A couple of us spent time with Jon tonight at dinner and heard what God has personally taught him through this process of planting a church in NYC.  My heart was resonating with so much of what he said.  We heard from15 songwriters tonight at the EMI/Worship Together Songwriter's Night - Steve Fee, Vicky Beeching, Michael Gungor, Kelly Minter, Rush of Fools, Matt Maher - just to name a few. Recreate conference always helps me to get the 40,000 foot view that I need  - it also hits me between the eyes about very specific stuff that I need to address in my life to be the worship leader/arts director that I am called to be....Peace out.