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I want the truth

My Senior Pastor, Jeff Cranston, is a raving fan of Perry Noble and I have started reading his blog as a result.  This is good stuff for us creatives who are constantly working in teams and truly desire to be the BEST team we can be and be healthy in the process...Here's a section I really loved...

"...I am not one of those guys who allows only certain things to be said to me on certain days…I want honesty from those closest to me.

Let me say this…as a leader YOU must make sure to do all that you can to create this type of environment.  You MUST invite conflict.  For example, I’ve seen people give looks of disapproval when people make a comment but not speak up…and so I will say, “Hey Jason, it seems you didn’t agree with what Tony just said–what are you thinking?”

YES…it does create tension…but this is how the best decisions are made.

The same is true in our creative team…if I share an idea and it is not good–I want to know!  AND…if I perceive that someone isn’t being truthful with me…I want them off of the team!  Life is too short to surround myself with people who blow smoke up my rear end…I want the truth!

(By the way…this was not my idea…it comes from every successful leader I’ve ever seen.)

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