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Girls Night Out

Img_7194 Img_7195 One of the most special things about moving to Hilton Head Island has been this awesome group of women that I have met through a stroller fitness class I joined last April.  Most of us are not in the class anymore as we have gotten most of the baby weight off (yeah, right!) and our kids are older, but we all hook up for a girls night out about once a month. Img_7192_2 I haven't been in awhile, but I got to go last night and it was so refreshing.  I ate the biggest piece of German chocolate cake and had a huge cup of decaf - I didn't have to give bites to a 1 year old or a 3  1/2 year old! We went to this cool place I had not been before called the Brick Oven on the South end of the Island.  It was 3 hours of catching up with everyone on their lives, their kids, work, and how much we can't wait for summer and the beach!  I am so thankful for these women who went out of their way to befriend a new Islander...check out the pics!Img_7196_2