Here comes the water

The old with the new

I have noticed over the last 5 years in my life an intense desire to reach back into the the rich history of Christendom and draw from devotionals, readings, prayers, and even worship practices to enhance the depth of my own worship experience.  This personal desire has obviously spilled over into my own worship planning for services.  Maybe this desire stems from being involved in mostly modern churches where we have no traditions (and that is a good thing, in my opinion).  But I can't escape that the most moving song that I have done in the last 6 months at my church and the song that most people (of all ages) have commented to me that has moved them in our corporate worship is "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone."  I think this combination of the old with the new is resonating with alot of people.  I was reading an article by Kendall Combes who plays guitar for one of my favorite worship leaders, Charlie Hall, and he shares a similar take on this trend toward not forsaking where we have been in our desire to experience new things from our relationship with God.

"When people experienced an encounter with God, they built up altars to remember ‘this is where God provided’ or whatever the encounter was, but they didn’t stay there. They moved on and followed God, never forgetting but looking forward..."

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