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Nickel Pumpers

19120071216nickelpumperspostersmallI went to the premiere of a locally produced short film entitled Nickel Pumpers tonight at Sea Turtle Cinemas in Bluffton.  One of the actors, Terri Bleam, and the co-producer and Director of Photography, Brent Nelsen are involved at LowCountry-Bluffton. I am blown away anytime I see creatives actually pull off something unique and see their vision come to fruition.  I really enjoyed the film! I talked with Brent afterwards and he told me a little of the backstory of how he met Todd Pringle, the writer and director... Todd was looking for cameras and Brent's company had them - they hooked up and realized that each of their strengths could complement each other to make the film together.  Their plan is to take it to short film festivals starting with the Beaufort Film Festival in February. 

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