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Here comes the water

So I have been absent from blogging this week because the water came...yeah, it rained a lot but not that kind of water.  Last Sunday, we were just spending a normal Sunday afternoon totally laying around the house after a long Sunday and we got the paper out...Well, not to give you every detail, but in the last 5 days we made an offer on a house and they accepted and we found a possible permanent location for our new church campus...the water came.  You know, you are just doing life and comes the water.  I'm a little in the fog - my head is kind of spinning. A year ago, I was 10 days away from giving birth to my 2nd child and I was on bedrest in NYC wondering if he was going to be OK, wondering where I was going to live in Hilton Head when we moved in 7 weeks and whether or not this new church campus would work on Hilton Head.  Today, I have a lot of those answers...I am thankful for the water.

The old with the new

I have noticed over the last 5 years in my life an intense desire to reach back into the the rich history of Christendom and draw from devotionals, readings, prayers, and even worship practices to enhance the depth of my own worship experience.  This personal desire has obviously spilled over into my own worship planning for services.  Maybe this desire stems from being involved in mostly modern churches where we have no traditions (and that is a good thing, in my opinion).  But I can't escape that the most moving song that I have done in the last 6 months at my church and the song that most people (of all ages) have commented to me that has moved them in our corporate worship is "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone."  I think this combination of the old with the new is resonating with alot of people.  I was reading an article by Kendall Combes who plays guitar for one of my favorite worship leaders, Charlie Hall, and he shares a similar take on this trend toward not forsaking where we have been in our desire to experience new things from our relationship with God.

"When people experienced an encounter with God, they built up altars to remember ‘this is where God provided’ or whatever the encounter was, but they didn’t stay there. They moved on and followed God, never forgetting but looking forward..."

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26m When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl, there were certain things that I couldn't wait to introduce to my daughter.  So, for Sydney's 1st Christmas, I bought her the movie version of "Annie" that I saw as a child even though she was too young for it.  I couldn't wait to show it to her. Now, I'm entering the season of life when my daughter and I are beginning to have real conversation and I am introducing her to these things that I loved as a girl.  To be honest, I want to freeze Sydney's age - 3 years and 7 months.  Last night, Sydney and and I saw the traveling Broadway show of "Annie" in Savannah.  Sydney loved it!  She would clap with the audience when they would and she really liked the opera glasses our friends brought with them.  When Annie wasn't in a particular scene, Syd would ask me, "Where's Annie?"  It was a good 2 and a half hours and she did great through the whole thing. I got choked up sitting there listening to "Tomorrow"  thinking about when I was about 11 and hearing that song for the 1st time at the movies.  I got the record (yes, vinyl!) of the movie (the days before the DVD release!) as well as a magazine with all the inside information on the movie.  I memorized every word!  So this morning, Sydney and I are sitting on our couch watch "Annie" together and talking about the show last night. Annie still rocks!

Do what you say

I was reading Charles Spurgeon's morning prayers today and I wanted to share this because it hit me right where I am today.  Notice the sentence that I emphasize...

"...He loves to hear the loud outcries of needy souls. It is His delight to bestow favours. He is more ready to hear than you are to ask. The sun is not weary of shining, nor the fountain of flowing. It is God's nature to keep His promises; therefore go at once to the throne with 'Do as Thou hast said'."

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Our New Location

Img_7000Img_6996Our church campus moved to a new location yesterday - Hilton Head Christian Academy - and after yesterday's service, we are going to 2 services!  We had 137 people total yesterday and no seats left in our worship space! It was awesome!  We are very excited about this new location and are so grateful to the Christian Academy for allowing us to meet there for a few months.

Nickel Pumpers

19120071216nickelpumperspostersmallI went to the premiere of a locally produced short film entitled Nickel Pumpers tonight at Sea Turtle Cinemas in Bluffton.  One of the actors, Terri Bleam, and the co-producer and Director of Photography, Brent Nelsen are involved at LowCountry-Bluffton. I am blown away anytime I see creatives actually pull off something unique and see their vision come to fruition.  I really enjoyed the film! I talked with Brent afterwards and he told me a little of the backstory of how he met Todd Pringle, the writer and director... Todd was looking for cameras and Brent's company had them - they hooked up and realized that each of their strengths could complement each other to make the film together.  Their plan is to take it to short film festivals starting with the Beaufort Film Festival in February. 

To read more about the film, click here

2008 is here

We brought in the New Year is true Henefield family style.  My middle sister, Christie and my heroic husband lit 2 year-old fireworks for our preschoolers in the backyard and managed not to burn the backyard up but did destroy one glass lawn table as they lit something on top of it...anyway, my 3 year old Sydney just kept saying , "Let's do that again!" A 3 hour game of Texas Hold 'em proceeded the fireworks in which my father gave 2 of his son-in-laws (and 2 of his daughters) a pretty good kick in the pants...what a memorable night...and now I'm home in Hilton Head thinking about this New Year and all that I want to accomplish and I'm stoked.  I figure the best way to reach some of my personal goals is put 'em out there so I have to do them, so here goes...

1. Begin active songwriting again - since having 2 babies, it has been awhile since I have done this...
2. Lead worship with my acoustic in a worship service - yes, I'm chicken!
3. Learn and develop my recording studio in my home - there's always a new piece of software I need!
4. Record an EP with my worship team here on HHI - 3-5 songs that people can have for free.
5. Finish reading every book that I have purchased.
6. Lose my last 7 pounds of baby weight ( I'm short...7 pounds on me looks like 15 on other people!)

That's it (that I am willing to share....)  Happy 2008 and good luck on your resolutions....