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Here comes the water

So I have been absent from blogging this week because the water came...yeah, it rained a lot but not that kind of water.  Last Sunday, we were just spending a normal Sunday afternoon totally laying around the house after a long Sunday and we got the paper out...Well, not to give you every detail, but in the last 5 days we made an offer on a house and they accepted and we found a possible permanent location for our new church campus...the water came.  You know, you are just doing life and comes the water.  I'm a little in the fog - my head is kind of spinning. A year ago, I was 10 days away from giving birth to my 2nd child and I was on bedrest in NYC wondering if he was going to be OK, wondering where I was going to live in Hilton Head when we moved in 7 weeks and whether or not this new church campus would work on Hilton Head.  Today, I have a lot of those answers...I am thankful for the water.