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2008 is here

We brought in the New Year is true Henefield family style.  My middle sister, Christie and my heroic husband lit 2 year-old fireworks for our preschoolers in the backyard and managed not to burn the backyard up but did destroy one glass lawn table as they lit something on top of it...anyway, my 3 year old Sydney just kept saying , "Let's do that again!" A 3 hour game of Texas Hold 'em proceeded the fireworks in which my father gave 2 of his son-in-laws (and 2 of his daughters) a pretty good kick in the pants...what a memorable night...and now I'm home in Hilton Head thinking about this New Year and all that I want to accomplish and I'm stoked.  I figure the best way to reach some of my personal goals is put 'em out there so I have to do them, so here goes...

1. Begin active songwriting again - since having 2 babies, it has been awhile since I have done this...
2. Lead worship with my acoustic in a worship service - yes, I'm chicken!
3. Learn and develop my recording studio in my home - there's always a new piece of software I need!
4. Record an EP with my worship team here on HHI - 3-5 songs that people can have for free.
5. Finish reading every book that I have purchased.
6. Lose my last 7 pounds of baby weight ( I'm short...7 pounds on me looks like 15 on other people!)

That's it (that I am willing to share....)  Happy 2008 and good luck on your resolutions....