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The DVR and an AMAZING thought

200pxlittlewomen1949I am the DVR generation...I saw a stat the other day that over 20 percent of the viewership of The Office season premier this year was DVR. That would be me!  Anyway, I am a huge fan of movies made in the 1940's-1960's.  These years represent some of my favorite actors best years.  So, during this past week that I have had some time off, I have DVR'd (yes, that is a word in my book) some of the classic holiday films that I love.  The 1949 version of Little Women is one of my favorites with June Allyson as Jo.  I have seen this film so many times, but I am always surprised at the different things I find even though it is so familiar...this happened a couple of days ago. There is a scene where the Professor has finished reading Jo's work and really hands her a pretty tough critique saying that she is writing predictable and unrealistic story-lines that he felt were very contrived.  He then told her to promise that she would never write about anything ever again that she had not felt in her own heart. Wow...that just nailed me...I have sat down so many times as a songwriter and a worship leader and tried to "come up" with something that when it was all said and done was exactly that...and then there have been times that I have written songs and created services and it truly came out of such a personal place that everytime I hear that song or think about that service, I remember where I was and what was happening.  I know I have heard this saying before, but I needed this reminder so much going into the new year.  I encourage any of you that are writers or creatives that are constantly at the wheel of invention to keep this thought ever before you.  We owe this to our audience and to ourselves to be true to our own heart in all we create and invent. Our God, the Father of all invention, has gifted us to do it, so let's do it from our hearts.