Carol of the Bells
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Sydney is 3 and a half now and her world is beginning to take on a whole different view.  She now gets scared and has learned how to smile alot to get what she really wants!  She did learn this year that Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus' birth (at first, she thought it was Santa's birthday!) However, when it is all said and done, it is really all about the lights...her face lights up when she sees them..she is overwhelmed by them every time.  Light does that to us....I can't help but want to get in the car every night and go look at Christmas lights that I have already seen before! We are drawn to light.  I was thinking about this my life a light to the world around me?  Matthew 5:16 says for our good deeds to shine out for all to see so others will praise God when they see them...something to think about when you look at the lights.Dscf4688_2

Rockerfeller Center in Dec 2006Dscf5502_2

Cinderella's Castle in Nov 2007