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A Christmas Prayer

It's almost here...

I finished my Christmas shopping tonight...YES! It's going to be a fabulous Christmas in the Cullen home. We will be here in Hilton Head and I am preparing quite the feast (thanks to the Honeybaked Ham store!) No, seriously, I'm only getting the ham from them - I am cooking everything else (ok, mom, don't faint!). It's our 1st Christmas as a family of 4 and I'm just pumped. Sean is so much older than Sydney was for her 1st Christmas so it is going to be so different. We have a few traditions - we always open new pajamas on Christmas Eve and this year, we are starting a new tradition with our resident baker, Sydney Cullen, preparing cupcakes for Jesus' birthday on Christmas. We will be attending a Christmas Eve service at our Bluffton campus (yes, I am attending the service - it is a Merry Christmas to me! I do miss the Renaissance Waverly...a little...) Todd always reads the Night Before Christmas before Sydney goes to bed...then, Todd and I are up for the next 2 hours putting together these big presents we thought were so cool when we bought them at Target! No, that is truly one of my favorite times. Todd and I reminisce about past Christmases (14 for us now!) and it is wonderful. So, bring it on...I'm ready to make merry and watch the wonder on my children's faces when they come out of their rooms and see their big's a good time to be alive! (that's for you, W)