Not the D-50!
The DVR and an AMAZING thought

A Family of 4 (Ok, 5 with Watson!)

All the presents are opened and I am on my 3rd cup of is Christmas morning and what a morning it has been.  Sydney is following in her mother's footsteps in that she gets up for Christmas when she is ready..sleep is still more important!  Sean proved that the best presents for him wereImg_6940  the paper and Watson's chew toys.  Todd and I realized half-way through the morning that we totally forgot about Sean's big fact, we still don't know where we hid it in the house! Sydney loved her Dora make-up table from Santa and Todd and I broke our own rules for spending that we set for each other.  Our first Christmas as a family of 4 was perfect in every way..something I will treasure always..the look on everyone's faces after waiting so long for these moments...Sydney not thanking for us the Dora table, but for everything else because she knows Santa brought her the big gift...and Sean just so happy to be allowed to tear up everything...good times.